We have seen the "Goods", the "Bad's" and the "Uglies" of recruiting while watching other search firms and internal recruiting organizations.  And, we can say with certainty that the absolute BEST model for consistent, High Performance results is when the leadership team, including the Human Resources organization is working hand in hand with us.  We are a consulting resource to our clients.  If  potential clients can't/won't view us that way then we will pull out because the odds of success for all of us are greatly diminished.  TEAM is the ONLY way to go.   

Most Technology company leaders agree with us when we say "If you aren't growing then you are likely shrinking as there is very little room in today's world for status-quo".  

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Executive Search and Recruiting

  • 90+% of our work since our inception has been with Technology companies
  • We understand the major and minor technology sectors as well as anyone on the "outside"
  • Our "reach" in North America is 2nd to none
  • We take our work with our client and candidates personally as we believe it's always about "doing the right thing".  
  • We respect your time as we, on average only present 2.3 candidates before an offer is considered.  The industry average approaches 8

Sales Team Buildout

  • We have helped multiple companies buildout high-performing sales teams of sales and presales people, including the leadership group
  • Whether building out an Area, a Region, a Country or the entire sales group we know how to project manage the task to identify and recruit the top "A" and "B" players
  • Our clients recognize the value of working with a single search firm like The Sequel Group to ensure consistency of results across a broad geographical spectrum
  • Not only have we saved our clients a lot of time spent recruiting we have also dramatically reduced their over-all cost to hire
  • We have even "managed" other search firms candidates thru the hiring process to maintain consistency

Candidate Vetting and Interviewing

  • Having us as part of your interviewing process for internally referred candidates can help insure over-all consistency for your recruiting organization
  • We will apply our "vetting" process to all candidates whether they have been presented by us or are referred in other ways.  Again, it's about consistency of hires.

Compensation Planning

  • We know the "comp" of many of your competitors and while we can never divulge the identities we can        never-the-less assist you in developing a winning compensation model
  • The "right" comp model can make the difference between "high velocity growth" and stagnation  

Our Services are meant to provide you, our client with the right people, in the right place and at the right time so that you, your employees and stakeholders experience growth NOT shrinkage.