Our Leadership

Founded in 1996 with Headquarters in Denver, Colorado, The Sequel Group quickly became one of the top search firms in the world for technology companies looking to start-up their company from inception, expand their current organization or drive to a completely new level of success.  It was Bob Heisser's vision, after spending 10+ years as an executive at Unisys and Tandem Computers (HPE) that there was a better way to identify and recruit sales, systems and executive talent into the technology companies.  After completing over 1,200 searches it's obvious that his model works and works well.  In fact, we will put our organization up against any search firm in North America, including the Big "4".  

Bob Heisser

Founder and Managing Partner

Sandy Luedtke

Senior Partner

Bob began his career at Unisys and quickly rose up the sales leadership ranks where he started and grew several large sales groups for Unisys.  He was recruited away and joined Tandem Computers where he not only developed one of their top sales areas in the world but had gained a reputation for top recruiting and leadership for Tandem.  Bob had a vision though:  There was a better way of running an executive search firm than what he had seen while engaging several dozen of the "top" firms working with Unisys and Tandem.  Bob turned vision into reality when he left Tandem in 1996 to start The Sequel Group. After helping dozens of new and growing clients attain "High Velocity Growth™" there is no question that Bob has fulfilled his vision.      

Sandy joined The Sequel Group in 1997 as the Director of Operations.  It was soon apparent that she was not only adept at operations and leadership but had a keen knack for research.  As the firm evolved and her talent become known around the Nation she was recruited into another executive search firm.  This change broadened her skills immensley.  In 2005 Bob recruited her back into The Sequel Group as not only his only business partner but had her develop a world-class research group that helps to define our position as the #1 provider of sales, systems and leadership talent into techology companies in North America.

Denver, Colorado